Yanga Mar Rinpoche it’s not without reason kaya scodelario

Yanga Mar Rinpoche: not happy is not for no reason at all your happiness, you are not happy, not for no reason at all, the world is not Ace impermanence, but impermanence is always showing. Such as the current anti-corruption efforts more and more, many people are rich and powerful, swagger before others before, chained and thrown into prison become a prisoner, which is impermanence ah. Life, not because of money and power and embody the value of living, at least to know where I come from, where to go, I live in this world what to do, how can life, worth living. Without thinking, live like a dead-alive person in general. Perhaps, have you ever thought of this question: parents together with me, dead and fire, water was dry, death is the end, One finished, all is finished. But in recent years, modern scientific research found that people constantly in the hereafter, life continues. In fact, 2500 years ago, the Buddha tells us to six people, death is just another body. This is like changing the phone, before you use Motorola, now replaced by apple, mainly to see your blessing and willing to force, which you decide to use a mobile phone. Even if the mobile phone can not afford, it will only have a common plane. This is my order, to see your blessing report now. Good luck, can go to heaven, Asura, humanity; blessings poor do animal, ants, cockroaches, pet dogs are likely to fall, or the hungry ghost and hell to suffer. The six truth is not always in the cycle, every sentient beings are in circulation. Only by understanding the meaning of impermanence can you face the sudden change. Even if you change a cell phone, but your SIM card is still, although has been replaced by apple from Motorola, but your chip is still there, you or you. So, do not think that after death, everything can actually switch down never, restart, you come back to live with another body. Nothing is missing in your mind and soul. Like all the data are automatically backed up to the cloud server, even if you change a new phone, the data is not lost, all can be restored, which is called reincarnation. So, everyone should want to own Alayavijnana storeroom clean dirty past, like you need to find a master computer, unable to delete the contents of the chip, hope forever removed, do not want to have backdoors and vulnerabilities, Lianyun servers all washed clean, will not cause polymerization, collapse that those things cannot bear to think of the past again, because these are the cause of suffering. What karma is the former? Is not to say who is out to get you to harm you, or others to the gods, disaster will befall you, this is all your own creation. You may not remember it, do not know how it grew up mature, perhaps the previous generation of the cause, but as long as you or you, these fruits will naturally mature in your body. All that you and him, you will become the source of existence now, your happiness, you are not happy, not It is without rhyme or reason.. If all.相关的主题文章: