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Yu Minhong: family education five "secret" – Sohu mother this afternoon, the founder of New Oriental, the male god Yu Minhong debut in apple orchard in Shijingshan middle school teacher, shared family education wisdom and parents of students in Shijingshan. Yu teacher brought home education lecture topic is: to grow up the sky". The meeting hall, sitting stool with All seats are occupied., even full… Male God Yu teacher with a simple sportswear, male god wants to be so low-key wow…… But this did not prevent parents Yu teacher’s admiration as the surging river…… From this side, see the parents appeared desire for high quality education resources and how deep. So as a father of two children, Yu teacher brought home education, the secret? Educate those things today to give you the first time to share the essence! Yu’s eldest daughter is now studying at the University of Pennsylvania, the son of the first two days. Yu teacher seems that when parents are not easy, it is because the beginning did not open! Secret 1: the power of Yu teacher said in a calm mood, good looks can not decide the fate of a person, who can decide a child’s future. He found that many government departments led the success of the children are more, most of these children can receive a good education. Because it is working for the government, they will have a very good ability to temper emotional restraint, so the government leadership of the family education of children is not so emotional, because less emotional, can keep relatively stable personality growth of children. As a parent, the child must keep in a calm mood mood, this is hard to do, but we must insist, to maintain positive energy! Don’t complain about your child’s education, and don’t be negative. Otherwise, let the children see the world is also a negative point of view. Do the parents will do two things very simple, the first thing is the face of the child’s growth, we must always maintain the state to keep children in a calm mood, positive energy state. It is really not easy, people used to get their own in the middle of the lost social unfair into anger then comes out, and put themselves in a disadvantaged state, the responsibility to the society or other people, to show his innocence. "All of this is negative, your attitude is negative, your negative attitude will affect your child, and your child will be negative when he sees the world." "So keep the children in a calm mood and communication, continue to maintain positive energy, at any time to give him encouragement is easy to say, but we’re not careful nurture intermediate will make mistakes." "When your parents’ emotions are expected by the child, your emotions can be accepted by the child, your parents are qualified." Secret 2: be sure to give the child a rule in Yu teacher seems, parents must not spoil the child, can bring their children with their own best. Parents to give children the rules, can not give what. Let the children know what can be done, what is not good相关的主题文章: