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Yunnan 14 hope primary school teachers in Sichuan training "Internet plus" – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) "through listening and appreciation day, from being a great inspiration, find our own thinking is just a small part, many things are still waiting for us to study and explore." 26, from Qiaojia County of Yunnan province Samsung corn Nao Township Primary School Teacher Wu Jie not only want to issue such a feeling. Samsung smart classroom ceremony cum wisdom teacher training in 24 in Chengdu, Tengchong from Yunnan city and Huize County, Qiaojia County, Jianchuan County, 7 Samsung hope primary school principals and teachers, carefully organized in the Yunnan Youth Foundation, went to Chengdu to attend a 5 day training and learning. For hope primary school teacher in the smart classroom training photo by Zhong Xin as the world’s leading high-tech enterprises, pay attention to education Chinese Samsung perennial youth, in the hope that the use of their products and technology advantage, help the students in poor areas to obtain better teaching facilities and teaching resources, to provide them with city children equal education opportunity. How do children in the mountains link the outside world? Is going out? Or look out? Focus on science and technology of the SamSung group gave the most simple answer: through a cable, a computer, the outside world pulled deep in the mountains. Through the network, with Internet plus concept, for the children to build a double "telescope", broaden their horizons, the dream of flying. For hope primary school students learning Zhong Xin photo China Samsung Greater China Ministry of external affairs, vice president Wang Youyan introduced in the smart classroom, since 2005, China Samsung to Chinese youth development foundation in the country have built 150 Samsung hope primary school. Since 2013, Chinese Samsung in the reconstruction of the Samsung hope primary school, gradually carry out the electronic teaching equipment, network environment and donations for electronic teaching and training of rural teachers, build the hardware and software of both "smart classroom" Samsung, help students to overcome the digital divide, a better understanding of the world and a dream. Expected to reach 81 in 2016. To start the ceremony, from Chinese Samsung Greater China Ministry of external affairs, vice president Wang Youyan, China Youth Development Foundation Deputy Secretary General Yang Chunlei, vice president of the Beijing historian education group army, Beijing Fourth Academic Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Xuemei gathered in a rural school how to better develop a brainstorm. After listening to the class, the feeling of power and pressure are great, after going back to the Samsung smart classroom equipment must use." Qiaojia County Horse Creek Village Shu Zhen Samsung hope primary school principals said Hu fa. Huize County Bridge Township Samsung hope primary school principal Jie Daorong said: after listening to the keynote speech and intelligent classroom demonstration classes, there are two points in particular: teachers should have a heart of love. Only in this way, the teacher can have passion, vitality to innovative teaching experience, achievements in teaching; to play the role of Samsung smart classroom, the teacher must first learn more, skilled in the heart, especially to teach students simply online operation. I sincerely hope that through the teacher相关的主题文章: