Zheng Zhigang served as vice president of the new world last year palm two hundred billion business mentalist

Zheng Zhigang was appointed Vice Chairman of the new world last year palm two hundred billion business empire, according to the Hongkong Wen Wei Po news again in Hong Kong Regal deployment of the successor to the host. New World Development announced in March 2015, the eldest son of Zheng Jiachun, chairman of the executive director and co general manager Zheng Zhigang, was promoted to executive vice president, took effect in April 1st, responsible for the group’s strategy, direction, operation and implementation. Analysts expect, Zheng Zhigang will become the successor of the new world group, in charge of the family more than 210 billion yuan listed business kingdom. New world development company announced in the notice and press release, Zheng Zhigang, aged 36, was appointed as executive director of the company in March 2007, and since March 2012 as executive director and co managing director. Under the leadership of the company, over the past three years, in corporate governance, sustainable development, public relations, family friendly and personnel training programs and other different categories, won more than 100 awards, the industry has been affirmed. The announcement also disclosed that Zheng Zhigang has 3 million 728 thousand equity interest in the share options granted by the new world development. Was appointed Executive Vice President Zheng Zhigang, the directors’ fees of $300 thousand per year, including annual salary and remuneration bonus allowance 1 million 375 thousand and 600 yuan and discretionary nature. The succession of New World Department recently deployment of attention, in the last week of the performance of the press conference, the 69 year old Zheng Jiachun asked about this topic, said in response "is not considered (retired), I am good health" refers to the SEC, then will follow the prescribed order team, is very harmonious. However, Carter, Zheng Zhigang was promoted to executive vice president, although not yet officially at the helm, but has established the status of his successor. Zheng Zhigang is regarded as the third generation of successors preferred, in fact, as a pure officer of the eldest son, then joined the new world board of directors at the age of 28, has long been regarded as the first choice of the third generation of successors. He is currently in the New World Department held a number of listed companies, mainly in charge of real estate and department stores, jewelry and other services, including serving as the new world China estate (0917), new world department store Chinese (0825), Zhou Dafu (1929) and international entertainment (1009) executive director, and Giordano (0592) and modern media (0072 non executive director). As chairman of the new world group charitable fund and a number of Affiliated Companies directors. The Zheng Yutong family wealth in Asia ranked 15 at present, the single positions of any new world, new world, new world department store Chinese China estate and Zhou Dafu four listed companies, yesterday’s market capitalization reached 218 billion 953 million yuan; while Bloomberg rich list data show that the Zheng Yutong family’s personal wealth amounted to HK $105 billion 400 million, ranked fifteenth in Asia a. As for the "other children" is not a pure officer, common people. The Zheng Zhiwen hotel business is mainly in charge of the group, in 2011 promoted to the New World Hotel President, has served as a new development in the world and the new world Chinese executive director. Three sub Zheng Zhiming style is relatively low-key, is currently a newly created (0659) executive director, generally estimated that he will take over infrastructure and public services in the future. In addition, a young Zheng Zhiliang, it is not within the Department.相关的主题文章: