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ZTE released smart home strategy and a large industry ecology! The Sohu of science and technology in September 22nd, ZTE held a strategic conference to Home Furnishing intelligent wisdom of life wisdom in the future "as the theme of the Beijing, officially released based on a single product, open and integrated" intelligent Home Furnishing overall strategy, construction of intelligent Home Furnishing ecosystem widely, and the advantages of sharing resources in technology products, ZTE, brand, channel, smart city and other areas through the depth, promote the landing with the popularity of smart products and services Home Furnishing. This is since the 2014 set foot in the field of smart home, ZTE first explicitly proposed smart home strategy, but also one of the very few based on the integration of real products and solutions on the industrial chain. The three major domestic carriers group and provinces leadership, Chinese intelligent Home Furnishing Industry Alliance Secretary General Zhou Jun, Shenzhen City Secretary wisdom family association long Cai Jinjiang, Chen Feng CEO, Katie Boyun Wulian Shi chairman Su Zhiyong and many chain chiefs to Kai Qizhi to visit the conference site, a new chapter Home Furnishing industry cooperation. ZTE vice CTO Wang Xiyu said at the press conference, in August 2016, ZTE released M-ICT2.0 white paper, five strategic directions for the future establishment of the company: virtual Virtuality, open Openness, intelligent Intelligence, Cloudification cloud and Internet of Everything (Wulian general VOICE). In all things Internet direction, ZTE will focus on the layout of "two vertical and four horizontal flat three". "Two Ping" focus on building the ecological circle and the two capital support platform, "three horizontal" in the terminal, IoE network and PaaS three level layout, "four horizontal" focused smart city, smart home, industrial Internet, car networking four large vertical field, thus the wisdom of the family officially promoted to ZTE key strategic direction. ZTE smart Home Furnishing operations director Tian Bo said that there is a single product experience is poor, lack of interoperability standards, service hard landing of the three pain points in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing, ZTE clear "smart Home Furnishing single product strategy and open integration". A single product: focus on product experience, incremental innovation tone, focused on creating a router, cameras, smart locks three items, directly facing the end user, the depth of operations. Open: single product accumulation of users and industry influence on attracting developers cooperation and ecological chain partners to jointly build smart Home Furnishing ecosystem, improve the overall solution, service providers and real estate partners. Integration: incubation through investment, nurturing more potential ecological chain partners. So as to complete a single product to open, open to the integration, and then to a single product closed loop. At the same time, ZTE will promote the development of smart home products and services through the operator, retail channels, industry channels in three directions, pulling the healthy development of the entire smart home industry. Tian Bo also suggested that the ZTE goal is to 2020, more than 10 new intelligent integration incubation Home Furnishing single product explosion models, the number of online users exceeded ten million, the overall.相关的主题文章: